1. In your browser, run admin/action/login.php.
    Your url will look like
    For the start, log in as user Administrator and Password Administrator (case sensitive).
    Do not forget to change these later!
  2. Now, click on General settings. Site Title will be what appears in the titel bar of the browser. Base URL of your website is relative to the document root of your web server Images URL of your website This is the path to the image directory of your website, not the one for landshop! Installed Languages You cannot change this here. To do so, follow the instructions in Adding Languages. Show Entries Per Page The default entries shown on object list pages Object Prefix When people see your entries they will find an ID number. This is also the reference for emails that you get concerning properties. Here you can add a prefix for this ID number Standard Currency The currency for the prices of your objects Contact Address This is your adress as it appears in the contact form.
  3. PDF part.
    These entries are for the PDF creation and can differ from similar ebtries above Path to logo This is the path to the logo that you want to use in your PDFs relative to the document root. Address (one line): Enter here street address, zip, city, country. All in one line! Headline (Company Name): This appears on top of all PDF pages.
    So, it is best to use your company name.
  4. If you want to use Google maps also edit the following Use Google Map? Set this to Y Google API Key for public section For each directory wher you include google maps you need a key.
    You will get this key from Google (here)
    You will find in bold letters the URL to enter for the application. Initial Zoomlevel You can zoom in and out of Google maps. Depending on how wide spread your property is you may want to change the zoom level here to give your clients the complete picture. Set your Base Location Click there to get a new window (disable popup blockers for this!). There you define the central point of your properties. Map Accuracy If a client clicks on an arrow in the map (see the demo for that) he will see not only this property but also all those close to it. How close you define here. Map Window Width/Height Users get the map in a popup window. Depending on the shape of your region you may want to change these values

Edit the Description and Keywords META Tags

From your installation directory, open templates/standard.tmpl.
Here you will find the meta tags that will be valid for all pages. Adjust to your needs.