First thing before you do anything else: Go to the User administration and change your password.
Done? Fine, so let's proceed.

in the administration you will find the following options:

  1. Show objects.
    Lets you see the objects you entered and chose one for editing/removal
  2. New object.
    Well, this one is pretty self explanatory, isn't it?
  3. Check objects.
    This will give you the object list above plus an extra frame.
    In this frame you will see the status of a property.
    Red means there is something seriously wrong that might prevent the property from displaying right
    Yellow means there are minor things missing but the property should be displaying right
    Green means the entry is coplete

    You can click on an item to see its details in the main window or click on the looking glass symbol to see details about what is missing.

    With this check feature you can easily control and enhance the integrity of your data.

  4. Edit users.
    Well, you've been there already. Here you can define users and assign them to a group.
    Possible groups are editors who can do everything except for adding or modifyimg users and Administrators who have access to the user area as well.
  5. Edit Areas
    Here you have to set the Areas where you offer property. Straightforward but don't forget to do it or it will be difficult for your users to find what they are looking for.
    Note that you can set an individual Area name for each language but you don't have to. The first field is called General Name and will be valid for al languages if not empty. This will save you a lot of typing.
  6. Create PDF files
    As the name says, here you can create PDFs for a single property, a list or a whole category You can check the properties that you need in PDF and you will get them for download on your machine in the language that you specify.


Here you can do the following things
  1. Reload currency exchange rates.
    There is a script that fetches the exchange rate from the currency you defined as your standard to those that you defined as your available currencies.
    This script can be run by cron but you can run it from here as well.
  2. Prune TMP dir.
    The tmp dir contains administration pdf files. You should not let this become too big; here you can delete files older than X days.
  3. Prune Wishlist.
    Wishlists created by users are kept in a database table. You can delete old ones here.