How to add/remove languages

This has changed in 0.7. It is now much easier to install and remove languages. This comes at the cost of language names not displaying in the respective native language anymore.
(Means: All users will now always see a list with f.e. "English", "German", "French"> Before, somebody logged in with German as default language would have seen "Englisch", "Deutsch", "Französisch".)

LandShop comes with the following languages installed:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Greek
To delete a language just do the following
  1. Open the directory LANDSHOP/include/languages
  2. Just delete the language file with the respective country code in this directory.
    (Let's say you don't need the German translation, you just delete the file "")
To add a language just do the following
  1. open one of the existing files
  2. On line 17, you will find this: //Language:English Replace "English" with your language name in English (f.e. "Dutch", "Turkish", "Romanian")
  3. Do the translations.
  4. Save the file with a 2-3 letter country abbreviation and the ending ".inc". In our examples the files will be called "", "" and "".
If you create a translation please send us a copy!!!